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A Marketer’s Dream                         Demographics

Fantasy football players are a dream demographic and a unique marketing opportunity. They are often male, in their 30s or 40s, college educated professionals with an average household income over $90,000, and advanced communication skills. Over 40 million Americans play Fantasy Football. Review this article for additional information.

ProFAN SPORTS Fantasy Football2021

PROFAN SPORTS Fantasy Football is a unique, inexpensive, and interactive marketing opportunity for companies across the country. There are 6 Sponsor opportunities for every City, State, and National tournament. The Sponsor logo, video, or photo is featured on the tournament page and linked to the company website. Each Sponsor pledge will be listed under their logo.

There are many promotions and programs to help accomplish your business and social goals. Sponsors can also register their own league and use the tournament awards to help their company!

Get America going again!™

City, State, National

Sponsor fees pay for all League, Player and Community Support awards. Sponsor fees are based on sales generated throughout the 6 month season.  Visit the Players page to see how sponsor fees are allocated. Please review our FAQs and Sponsor Agreement.

Sales and a Pledge

Each Sponsor fee or pledge is based on sales generated during the 6 month season. The final payment will be made to direct to one of the nonprofit organization represented by one of the tournament sponsors. All payments will be posted on each tournament page. Contact us for additional information.