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A  Fantasy Football COMPETITION and CAMPAIGN

June 1, 2020-Austin, TX – PROFAN SPORTS launches a national fantasy football competition and a campaign to help companies, individuals, and nonprofit organizations get through these difficult times. It’s a Tournament of Leagues and campaign to increase sponsor sales and generate support for causes in their communities.

“Fantasy Football is a very challenging, exciting sport. It takes years of experience, knowledge of every player’s and every team’s strength and weakness every week. “I developed PROFAN SPORTS to help recognize and reward some of the nation’s best leagues and players. I also wanted to help local companies get through these difficult times.” says Robert Goforth Founder of PROFAN SPORTS.

They post each leagues player/team scores each week and update the City, State, and National Championships leaderboards. The highest scoring leagues and players win major awards. It’s a totally free program and the deadline for league registration is September 5, 2020.

There are 10 and 12 team leagues and 3 different point settings. There are League and Player Champions for each tournament. “You want every player in your league to score the maximum number of points. You also want to score more points than every player in your league” says Robert Goforth.

Sponsors and Awards
Fantasy football players are a dream demographic. Over 40 million Americans play fantasy football. There are 6 sponsor opportunities for the each City, State and National tournament. Sponsors provide all tournament awards and tournament winners select 20 Sponsor’s to receive the $50,000 Community Support Awards. They will select the first 6 sponsors that apply for each tournament.

They have a variety of marketing programs, activities, and events to help companies increase sales and generate support for their community. The sponsor fee is determined by the sales generated during the 7 month fantasy football season. Sponsors pay $1,000 at registration and pledge to pay least $5,000 on February 4, 2021. The $5,000 is paid to a bank/financial organization featured on the National Championship page. The National Champions also help present some awards and helps ensure all funds are distributed correctly.

Now every decision you make and every point you score is critical. Please contact us  and visit the About and Sponsor pages for additional information. It’s about Business, Sports, and Community support. Register a league. Sponsor a City or State. Have some fun, do some business, and help…

… Get America Going Again!