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Please complete the form below. You must provide every player’s team name. If you add a players real name, that name will appear on all Leaderboards. Provide a link to your league’s home page (Yahoo, NFL, ESPN, etc.). It must be a public league. If you intend to work with a nonprofit organization, it can be added at any time. The league name must be the same as that on your league website. Please select the major city nearest your location. Data fields you leave blank will not appear on your league profile. Each league is limited to one entry. Please select either 10 or 12 team league and one of the 3 point settings.

If this is a Company or Nonprofit league, your League name can be the same as the Company/Organization name or they can be different. Your League name will appear on all leaderboards. Your league website is different from your company website. Once you complete the form, click Add League at the bottom of the page and then select Add Players in the left column.

If you have any problems or questions, please contact us.

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