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About Golf

It’s a national competition between Players and Golf Clubs across the country.
It’s also a campaign to raise funds for Junior Golf programs and a marketing opportunity for local companies. Review our FAQs below.

Registration starts May 1, 2021.


Play with your regular group or set up a team of four. Challenge other teams in your club or your city. Switch out two players so you have two matches with two players from each team. Play 6 matches with 6 teams between June 1 and October 1, 2021.

It’s FREE and all you do is register your team and post your scores. Each month you will see where your team ranks in your City, State, and National Championship.

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Sponsors and Donations

Sponsor fees for City, State, and National Championships are based pledges from each sponsor and revenue generated throughout the 6- month season. Take advantage of the program’s marketing opportunities. Sponsors donate 100% of their sponsor fee to junior golf programs selected by each Champion and the Golf Clubs or Courses they represent.  

Business, Sports, and Community Support™

Player Awards

A list of player awards for each Champion will be listed on the City, State, and National pages. Champions will receive golf equipment, golf vacations, dinners, and other awards from local companies. Register a team. Add some excitement and a challenge. The more teams we have the more sponsors we will have and the more juniors we will help.  

Play for their Future!

Frequently Asked Questions

Teams and Matches

  • How many players are on a team and how many matches do they play?

    • All teams have 4 players and each team must select a golf club or course to represent.

    • 2 players from one Team plays 2 players from another team in their city.

    • Players can be men or women or a combination.

    • All players play 6 matches over the tournament period (March 1-Sept. 1, 2021)

    • You cannot play the same 2 players twice.

  • How do I identify Teams looking for a match?

    • Your city leaderboard will list teams looking for a match (February 1,2021).

    • Click on their name and visit their profile. It will provide player handicaps.

    • The profile will tell you what matches they have played and their score.

    • Contact their Captain and work out the details.

    • When both 2 person teams post the match results on their profile pages, it will be listed on the city, state, and national leaderboards by total points scored.

  • When can Teams start registering for the 2021 season?

    • Registration starts March 1, 2021. We will take new teams until July 1, 2021.

    • Contact us and we will send an invitation. Be the first team in your city.

    • The more Teams we have the more Sponsors and Donations so we will have.

  • What information is required to register a league?

    • Team Captain name and contact information

    • Team name, the club they represent, player names and handicap.

    • A link to each players public handicap.

Points and Posting

  • How does each player and team score points?

    • It’s a Match Play tournament.

    • Two players from two different teams compete in each match.

    • Players must agree to all handicaps prior to play.

    • Using their published handicap/index, the team that wins the most holes wins the match.

    • Each team receives 1 point for each hole won. The winning team gets an additional 4 points

    • Both teams keep score including the number of putts, eagles, birdies, and pars.

    • At the end of the match both teams agree on all scores.

    • Each team posts all four player scores on their team profile.

    • When both teams post the exact same scores, all leaderboards are updated.

    • If  both teams win the same number of holes, the system will determine the team with the least putts to be the winner. If there is still a tie, the most eagles, then birdies, and then pars determines the winner. If there is still a tie, the team with the highest City ranking will be the winner.


  • What are the City, State, and National Sponsor fees?

    • There are 6 Sponsor positions for each tournament (city, state, and national).

    • It’s a 7 month (March 1- October 1) marketing opportunity.

    • Sponsors pay PROFAN SPORTS $1,000 at registration.

    • They also pledge to pay at least $5,000 on or before October 15, 2021.

    • Contact us and provide your pledge for the 2021 season. On February 15, we will select the 6 highest pledges for every City, State, and National tournament.

  • How are sponsor fees collected and distributed?

    • $1,000 is paid to PROFAN SPORTS at registration.

    • The final pledge amount is donated directly to the junior golf program selected by the tournament Champions and the clubs they represent. All donations should be made no later than October 15, 2021.

  • How can sponsors use the program to generate sales?

    • Visit our Sponsors page, read this article, and follow us on social media for many programs and promotions.

    • Provide sales promotions to all players.

    • Comments, photos, and videos provide interesting content for your website and social media.

  • What are Tournament or Player Awards? 

    • These are awards for all City, State, and National Champions.

    • Could be golf equipment, travel, or other products and services.

    • Could be dinners for two, weekenders at local hotels, or golf resort travel.

    • They will be listed on each tournament page.

Championship and Awards

  • How are City, State, and National Champions selected?

    • The highest scoring team on each leaderboard on October 1 will be the Champions for that tournament.

  • What do tournament Champions receive?  

    • Champions work with their golf club or course to select one or more local junior golf programs to receive all Sponsor donations.  

    • They also receive the tournament awards featured on each tournament page.

Junior Golf

  • How do Junior Golf programs benefit from this program?

    • Every winning team along with their golf club or course will select an organization to receive all sponsor donations. 

    • Some golf clubs and courses will conduct tournaments and fundraising campaigns throughout the tournament period.

    • Local junior golf organizations are listed on each city tournament page.  

    • PROFAN SPORTS, some players, and some sponsors will use their social media and other marketing to raise funds for local organizations.

  • What can junior golf organizations do to help?

    • Contact local golf clubs and ask them to support your organization.

    • Use your social media and other marketing to get local players to participate and select your organization.

    • Ask local companies and individuals to donate dollars per-point scored by the team playing for your organization.  

    • Visit our blog and follow us on social media for additional ideas and opportunities.


  • How many players are on each team and how many matches do they play? 

    • Each team will have 4 players.

    • Two players from each team play 6 matches with 2 players from other teams.

    • A two person team cannot play the same two opponents twice.

  • Does every player need an established public handicap?

    • Yes, you can use GHIN or state associations but you must post your handicap with link on the team profile page.

  • How does the scoring process work.

    • Before the match all players agree on handicaps and ‘strokes’ for each hole.

    • After the match each team must agree on all scores and post those scores on their team profile.

    • Each team must post the same scores or they will not be add to the leaderboards.

  • What happens if the teams post different scores?

    • Each team will receive an error message and they will not be awarded points on the leaderboards.

  • What is the earliest I can register a team and play the first match?

    • Registration starts March 1, 2021. Matches start May 1, 2021.

  • Can my team play multiple matches in one month?

    • Yes, except the month of July, you can only play a maximum of 2 matches in July.

Bill Goforth

He was a Golfer.


The National Golf Challenge is dedicated to Bill D. Goforth. He was a Golfer. He played for 70 years, won many trophies, made many friends, and helped many juniors and seniors play better golf. He was always giving someone a lesson. He was a successful business man, entrepreneur, and humanitarian.

Our goal is to accomplish one of his goals, to help children across the country benefit from this wonderful sport. The PROFAN SPORTS National Golf Challenge is about golf, business, marketing, and making a difference.

Register a Team. Sponsor a City, State or National Championship. Help secure other teams and sponsors in your city. It’s free, and if you win here, you are a Champion.

Many young players and their parents will appreciate your effort and support.


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PROFAN SPORTS National Golf Challenge
PROFAN Rules and Regulations
PROFAN Rules and Regulations
PROFAN Rules and Regulations