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PROFAN SPORTS good business

There are City, State, and National Fantasy Football tournaments.

Official Launch is March 1, 2021.

Compete in our 2020 Search for Champions.  

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A Search for Champions 

In 2020 we are searching for Champions to feature in our 2021 National Championship. Play in your fantasy football league and compete in our City, State, and National Championships. It’s a FREE and all you do is register your league.

In 2021, get paid to play!

The week one leading Player is Shock and Awe and the leading League is Cobra Kai in Dallas, Texas.

ProFan Sports Sponsors

Business, Sports, and Community Support

There are sponsor opportunities for all City, State, and National tournaments. All sponsor fees are donated to the Sponsor’s  Cause/Nonprofit selected by each tournament Champion. Sponsor fees/donations are based on sales generated during the 6 month season. Sponsors can also register their own league. Visit the Sponsor and Marketing pages for additional information.   

 It’s a Challenge and a Campaign

How many Leagues, Sponsors, and donations will we have. How much good can we do? Now you’re playing to win your league championship, our championships, and funds to help your community. Register your league today! We will accept new leagues until November 2, 2020. Compete in 2020 and be the first league in your 2021 City tournament.

Are you a Champion!