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PROFAN SPORTS good business

There are City, State, and National Fantasy Football tournaments.

It’s about Business, Sports, and Community support.

Get American Going Again!™

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A National Fantasy Football Competition

Fantasy Football is a challenging sport that requires a tremendous amount of research, analysis, knowledge, and experience. Now it’s more exciting and rewarding. Play in your fantasy football league and compete in our City, State, and National Championships. The highest scoring Leagues and Players win major awards. It’s a FREE program and all you do is register.

If you win here, you are a Champion!

ProFan Sports Sponsors

Get America Going Again!™ 

Fantasy football players help local companies help their communities. Sponsors provide all tournament awards. Sponsor fees are based on sales generated during the 7 month season. Twenty companies will receive Community Support Awards. Sponsors can also register their own league and win tournament awards. Visit the Sponsor, Marketing, and About pages for additional information.   

 Community Support Awards

At the end of the season, our Champions will help select 20 companies to receive Community Support Awards. If we accomplish our sponsor goals, 20 companies will receive $50,000. Now you’re playing to win your league championship, our championships, and funds to help your community. Visit the About page for additional information.